12 Oct 2017

Fever Meets The Darker Shade: Mampie Fi Work



A1 Phillip Frazer* & Double Ugly Mampie Fi Work
A2 SInging Melody Music Lover
A3 Carlton Livingston I've Been Loving You
A4 John Mouse Coming Dangerous
A5 Wayne Fire Teenage Pregnancy
B1 Papa San Guilty
B2 Ernest Wilson Ain't No Love
B3 Junior Demus Stick To Yu Man
B4 Pliers Close My Eyes
B5 Clement Irie Broke My Heart

Mad Cobra - Merciles Bad Boy



A1 Tek It Up Back
A2 Hunu Want War
A3 Original Kill & Nuh Run
A4 Merciless Bad Boy
A5 Call It Off
B1 Stop Dis The Girls
B2 Gold Mine
B3 Body Basic
B4 Pump It Up
B5 Money Money

3 Oct 2017

Micron Presents Superstars



A1 Pad Anthony Give Me The Love
A2 Micron All Stars Dub
A3 Major Worries Talk Till She Hoarse
A4 Leroy Sibbles, Stamma Rank Modelling Queen
B1 Stamma Rank Some Girls Cant Get No Man
B2 Micron All Stars Dub
B3 Leroy Sibbles, Stamma Rank Come Touch Me
B4 Jackie Mittoo Instrumental

26 Sep 2017

General Degree - Ninety Degrees



A1 Mi Ready
A2 Forever
A3 Off Balance
A4 Appetiser
A5 Come Out Yah
B1 Long Time Story
B2 Dry Weather House
B3 Teaching
B4 Lonely Days
B5 Oomba Oomba

12 Sep 2017

Penthouse Party Mix Vol. 8



Segment One - General
A1 Buju Banton Massa God
A2 Buju Banton Good God Of My Salvation
A3 Buju Banton Wanna Be Loved
A4 Buju Banton Good Good

Segment Two - General
A5 Buju Banton Untold Stories
A6 Buju Banton Laid To Rest
A7 Buju Banton Not An Easy Road

Segment Three - General
A8 Michael Rose General
A9 Buju Banton Murderer
A10 Buju Banton Bad Boy
A11 Mad Cobra Bad Boy
A12 Terror Fabulous Order
A13 Mad Cobra Gundelero
A14 Ed Robinson & Buju Banton Rude Boy

Segment Four - Answer
A15 Wayne Wonder Saddest Day
A16 Wayne Wonder & Buju Banton Bonafide Love
A17 Buju Banton What You Gonna Do
A18 Richie Stephens Trying To Get To You
A19 Buju Banton Black Woman
A20 Buju Banton Who Say

Segment Five - Answer
A21 Buju Banton Petty Theif
A22 Buju Banton Lef We Business
A23 Buju Banton Vigilante
A24 Buju Banton Chuck It So
A25 Buju Banton No Respect

Segment Six - Yush
B1 Buju Banton Dickie
B2 Buju Banton Gone A Lead
B3 Buju Banton Champion
B4 Buju Banton Only Man
B5 Buju Banton Look How You Sweet

Segment Seven - Yush
B6 Buju Banton Man Fi Dead
B7 Cutty Ranks Press The Trigger
B8 Terry Ganzie Yah Mi Born
B9 Terror Fabulous No Retreat
B10 Mad Cobra Price Of Gun

Segment Eight - Young Gal Business
B11 Buju Banton First & Last

Segment Nine - Batty Rider
B12 Cutty Ranks Exploited
B13 Cutty Ranks Pon Mi Nozzle
B14 Mad Cobra Yush
B15 Mad Cobra Gun Confused
B16 Capleton Prophet

Segment Ten - Batty Rider
B17 Buju Banton Batty Rider
B18 Buju Banton Have To Get You
B19 Buju Banton Red Rose
B20 Buju Banton It's All Over

10 Sep 2017

Anthony Red Rose - Red Rose Will Make You Dance



A1 Red Rose Will Make You Dance
A2 Canta
A3 Up To Date
A4 Material Girl
A5 Sweet Cindi Rella
B1 Tempo
B2 Bad Boy Corner
B3 Reggae Matic
B4 Can't Knock Me
B5 Dub Organizer

9 Sep 2017

Ryddim Kings With Special Guest Lovindeer - Reggae Showcase



A1 Hand To Mouth
A2 Johnny M-16
A3 Poco Duck
A4 The Way That I Want You
B1 Party Medley (Sexy Boopsie / Woman Pram Pram / No Gun Ina Baggy)
B2 Champion Sound
B3 One Deggeh Deggeh Little Mistake

Bobo General - Respect



A1 Sexy
A2 Drink And Drive
A3 I Don't Want To Wait
A4 Robber Man
B1 Make Up Your Mind
B2 You Girl Don't Worry
B3 Resoect
B4 Don Bubbla

Blacker Dread proudly presents Rougher Neck Fashions



A1 Daddy Freddy No Drugs Allowed
A2 Top Cat Biker Rider
A3 Junior Chin* Send Them Come
A4 Tenor Fly Roughneck Fashion
A5 Ricky Ranking Love Her To Death
A6 Milo Gun The Remeady
A7 Shanki Sheckles Respect Women
B1 Ricky Tuffy Don't Lick No Rock
B2 Devon Irie D.J Anthem
B3 Mr Palmer* Respect A Champion
B4 Conrad Crystal Original A De Key
B5 Sister Sonia Respect Women
B6 Joe Mannix Rough House Na Ramp
B7 Lady Mackerel Rougher Fashion

8 Sep 2017

We are back in business

From Septembre 2017 we are linking all albums again and a lot of new stuff is coming up too, we will slightly change the concept of the blog, we will also upload 12 inches, 7 inches and mixtapes. Watch this place :)

Contributions are still welcome!

Big up to everyone who makes this place possible!

Silver Dollar Vol. 3 - Bam Bam

A1 Hammer Mouth Some Friend
A2 Norbert Clarke Serious
A3 Preacher (8) What Fe Hold That Man
A4 Lucan Scissors Meet Me At The Airport
A5 Virgo Man Mark Mi Face
A6 Ricky General & Luciano (2) Murder Dem
B1 Commanchie* Frighten Dem
B2 Panhead* Gal Yu Proud
B3 Woody Noble Get To Love
B4 Ninja Ford Punny Fi Wok
B5 Little Meeky & Daddy Meeky Love Her Again
B6 Grip Wrinch Knock Knock

Sly & Robbie Present... DJ Riot



a1 Flourgon Minimum Wages
a2 Red Dragon Wine & Go Down
a3 Daddy Lizzard* One Burner
a4 Commando Shad Hey Girl
a5 Tiger Look Like Me
a6 Taxi Gang* SRD
b1 Shaka Demus* Who Test
b2 Trinity (4) Judgement Day
b3 Commando Shad Love Motion
b4 Tiger Raggamuffin
b5 Dominic (2) Nothing Like That
b6 Flourgon / Red Rose* / Daddy Lizzard* Wanna Party

Stone Love - Stone Love Vol. 4 Don't Test The Love



1 Norbert Clark* Accapella
2 Johnny Osborne* Can't Test
3 Nitty Gritty Morning Sound Boy
4 Junior Cat Killing Pussy
5 Power Man* Stone Love
6 Ninjaman The Court
7 Buju Banton & Capleton Good Hole
8 Unknown Artist Screaming Accapella
9 Pan Head Punny Pointer
10 Bunny General Batty Man
11 Poison Chang Nuh Body Guard
12 Pan Head Respect
13 Apatchie* / Ian Sweetness Nanny Goat
14 Junior Cat Dead You Wah Dead